SilencerCo. Hybrid 46 Multi-Caliber Pistol Rifle Suppressor Silencer SU5107


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Manufacturer: SilencerCo LLC of West Valley City, UT

Model: Hybrid 46M ( SU5107 )

SKU: SU5107

Caliber: 9mm to 45 ACP / 5.56 NATO to 45?70 Gov & up to 338 LM

Muzzle Average:

- .45 ACP: 137 dB

- .223 Rem: 128.9 dB

- .300 BLK: 130.1 dB

- .308 Win: 134 dB

- .300 WM: 137.2 dB

- 338 LM: 140.1 dB

- .45-70 Gov: 140.7 dB

Weight: 12.2? 19.9 oz

Construction: 17?4 SS, Titanium, & Incone

Diameter: 1.57?

Length: 5.78 ? 9.0?

Finish: Black Anodized

Includes: .30 cal front cap.

Lifetime Warranty

This item is a CLASS III Firearm and must be shipped to a licensed dealer with a valid SOT in your state. Normally this item will ship within one week of receiving your dealer's FFL & SOT information.

This firearm requires that a $200 tax stamp be paid and an ATF Form 4 be filed after it arrives at your dealer.

If you do not fully understand the process of purchasing a Class III item please feel free to contact us via email.

All items are factory new in box unless otherwise stated. Based on the information available to us, the above specifications describe this item to the best of our knowledge. For further information, please contact or visit the manufacturer's website.