Elk County Ammo & Arms Layaway Options and Terms: 
90 Day Layaway: FREE, a minimum deposit of 10% is required.
120 Day Layaway: $39.99, a minimum deposit of 10% is required.
180 Day Layaway: $49.99, a minimum deposit of 10% is required.
 If you wish to place an order on layaway, you'll need to contact us either by phone or email. 
 The following layaway terms apply to all layaway options that are described above. A layaway is binding contract between Elk County Ammo & Arms and the Customer. By making your initial deposit you agree to the following terms. 
• Additional payments are required every 30 days to maintain your layaway. 
• Layaways are subject to cancellation if a payment has not been made every 30 days. 
• All prices within a layaway are fixed, the price of the item will not be raised or lowered. 
• Only one item may be placed on layaway at a time per customer. 
• Once a layaway has been started it cannot be changed, exchanged, or added to.
• The initial layaway deposit is final, non-refundable, and non-transferable.
• Any additional layaway payments are redeemable as store credit for up to 1 year.
Layaway Payment Portal:
Do NOT use this portal to place a new order on our website.

Do NOT use the payment portal below unless you have been instructed to do so via email.
You may use the payment portal below ONLY if you have a pre-existing layaway with us.