Cimarron Angel Eyes .45 LC / .44 Percussion 8" Case Hardened ANGELEYES

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45 Colt (Long Colt)
Manufacturer:  Cimarron Firearms

Model: Angel Eyes - 1858 Remington-Style


Caliber: .45 Colt / .44 Percussion

Capacity: 6 Rounds 

Barrel Length: 8"

Finish: Cold Case Hardened Frame, Brass Trigger Guard and Grip Frame

Angel Eyes Engraving on the Frame

Grips: Smooth Wood

Sights: Fixed

Lee Van Cleef played the steely-eyed contract killer named “Angel Eyes” by Clint Eastwood’s character “Blondie” after proving to be quite a marksman with his revolver. Cimarron Firearms team carefully studied the gun carried by Angel Eyes to have Pietta produce a gun the mercenary Angel Eyes would be proud to carry.

The 1858 Remington-style, single-action, .45 Long Colt with .44 Percussion Interchangeable Cylinder and 8-inch barrel.

It has a cold case-hardened frame with a brass trigger guard and grip frame, smooth wood grip, and Angel Eyes engraving on the frame.

For fans of the ultimate Eastwood Spaghetti Western, the Angel Eyes will complete a collection that will be the envy of any Hollywood film enthusiast.